Professional Drivers Wanted

BriteLift, Inc.
Job Description

BriteLift is a transportation company that is focusing on leading the industry in customer service for wheelchair bound individuals looking for customized transportation. This company offers customers an easy to use, safe, and reliable solution to better accommodate their needs in a unique fashion.
BriteLift is seeking drivers that are passionate about customer service to provide freedom of mobility for individuals with disabilities.

Key Job Responsibilities:
• Providing excellent customer service and care
• Maintaining a continuously safe work environment to reduce risk of injury
• Maintaining vehicle equipment; replacing oil, filling gas tank, general motor vehicle maintenance as needed for safety (this will be employer funded)
• Follow company safety and operational rules and procedures
• Taking care of the passengers’ needs
• On-time passenger pick-up and drop-off
• Loading and unloading the rider
• Excellent communication skills
• Work occasional nights, weekends, and holidays
• Drive in inclement weather, such as light snow

• Minimum of 5 years driving experience
• Strength to lift up to 70 pounds plus bending and twisting
• Safe driving practices
• Must have a valid IL driver’s license
• Must have a valid social security card
• Must be able to pass a criminal background check with no felony convictions
• Must be able to pass a physical and DOT drug test screening (pre-employment + random)
• Must be able to provide a current Court Purposes Motor Vehicle Record (Obtained from your local Secretary of State facility, cost $12, minimal of 2 pages: Court Purposes + Supervision)
• Ability to communicate effectively with customers

• Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Driver Position Starts at $13 per hour full-time. The pay will increase after completion of certifications.

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